Visit Reading

The Reading Festival has catapulted the town as a tourist destination for a long time. However, there is more to this town than meets the eye. It is also host to Reading Football and the London Irish rugby Union Club. But what other interesting things can you engage in during your visit? What about hotels in reading?

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Visit the parks

The Basildon Park is an 18th Century House that has been described as being perfect for walks and exploration. The House, owned by the National Trust also has an interesting surrounding parkland and garden. The Beale Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife due to its close proximity to River Thames. It also hosts a range of exotic animals and features kid-friendly play areas to keep your children busy. There is so much to explore at the Beale Park including trails, sculptures, gardens and even lakes.

Visit museums in Reading

The Museum of English Rural Life popular abbreviated as MERL gives you a chance to explore the English rural life, understand different equipment and machinery used there and to understand the intricacies of farming in England. If this is not interesting to you, maybe the Bayeux Tapestry Reading Museum will interest you with its collection of needlework, an ancient axe, a poster from a n1980 music festival as well as rhinoceros fossil made from wool.

Relax at the King's Meadow

If you are looking for a place where you can get pampered, have fun and enjoy excellent food, then the King's Meadow is the place to be. It is designed in a way that passers-by cannot see what is happening inside giving you privacy. However, the swimmers can see what is happening outside which may provide interesting views of the activities going on. The King's meadow consists of a swimming pool, a spa and a restaurant to ensure that hunger pangs do not disturb your beautiful day.

The Reading climbing centre

If you are an ardent climber or would like to challenge yourself physically, the Reading Climbing centre is the place to be. You can try rope climbing, try your luck at the 180 bouldering problems and if your kind of fun is watching people tackle challenges, you can cheer on different people as they seek to set new personal records.

Do you fancy horse racing?

Well, the Newbury Racecourse will have you tickling with anxiety. The tickets are not only affordable but they can be bought online ensuring that you save your spot long before your arrival. The races usually attract a world class audience and betting is allowed. In some days, there may be a performance after the races for the guests' entertainment.

Hotels in Reading

Choosing a hotel should not be difficult. However, you need to look at the prices charged, the facilities available, any facilities that come at an extra cost, proximity to your desired attraction centres and the range of available dishes before you make your choice. This ensures that you get value for your money and enjoy your stay in the town.